I don’t make things.
I make things happen.

Hi! I’m an eighties kid who really enjoyed the early days of the internet. Because I didn’t finish my studies I’m trapped in an infinite loop to learn, un-learn & re-learn.

I got my start when I built my first website. This turned into bloggingand went on for over a decade. It was my way of connecting, sharing and helping others.

Although I’m not a designer nor developer. I always loved working with smart people and foster creativity to solve problems through technology.

Today I’m leading product & innovation at WeTransfer, the company I co-founded nearly 7 years ago.

In addition to creating & running companies, I sometimes invest in others’. Mostly people-focused, design-driven technology products built by someone I admire.

The Highlights

Selected Press

Here’s what people wrote about me & mine at 99u, Forbes, Fast Company, TechCrunch, Business Insider, Venturebeat, Tech.eu, Financieel Dagblad, Green Soccer Journal, Volkskrant Magazine, Wired and Freunde von Freunden.

Weekly Digest

Every now & then I share my musings on the web, business, people and life. I’ll try to make it entertaining and short.

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Side Projects

  • FC Hyena, a cinema and petit-bistro combined.
  • Kuvva, sends beautiful wallpapers to your desktop.
  • Verified Pin, verify yourself offline. (Sold out)
  • Who’s In, the easiest way to get together.

The Next Speaker

You can book me as a speaker. I sometimes share my learnings about WeTransfer taking it from startup to scale-up.